Friday, 2 May 2014

Anarchy and children

I was 5 when I decided to enhance a 1902 copy of Clara in Blunderland by colouring and writing in it. It was a spontaneous act of anarchy (fittingly the book is political satire). I didn't like the look of Clara. She had narrow temples and bad hair, so I scribbled on her.
    Then my instincts were bludgeoned into submission by 'don'ts'. From adolescence these were replaced by 'do's'. Do be a consumer. Conform.

Reader, I shook it off. Children and the best children's books are anarchic. Like.


  1. D'you remember those magic picture books where you painted on plain water and coloure emerged? That doesn't work on ordinary, first edition Enid Blyton's your granny let you read if you promised to be REALLY careful. Not even if you use whole glasses of the stuff.

    Which is a fact I'm mentioning for no particukar reasons. *innocent smile*

    1. Loved magic painting books. I'm sure you were ruining the book carefully.

  2. I love the image of your old book. It brings back good memories of favorite childhood books. My husband saved a book from his youth that he drew characters in. It's one of his favorite "archives." :)

  3. Hi Peggi, thanks for dropping by. Just been to see you incognito. Brother Lawrence - there was a man. Your reading list reminded me that I've been meaning to read Lilith. Hopped over to Amazon and there it was as a free download. It might well influence what I'm writing now. Serendipity.